The Complete Guitar Technique Speed Strategies Collection

A Three-in-one compilation of Sweep Picking, Speed Picking and Legato Methods for Guitar

    Three genre-defining guitar technique books combined to give you the smoothest playing mechanics on the planet.

    This ground-breaking guitar technique collection brings together three bestselling books by Chris Brooks. This compilation will take you from player to slayer as you master the right- and left-hand techniques essential to shred guitar mastery.

    • Over 360 exercise and musical examples that teach you to tackle the most devious of music
    • Over 3 hours of audio you can download for free
    • Develop perfect sweep picking, legato and picking mechanics on guitar

    Book One: Neoclassical Speed Strategies for Guitar

    Neoclassical Speed Strategies for Guitar focuses on speed picking in the tradition of Yngwie Malmsteen, where picking technique is approached via biomechanics, strategy, and progressive advancement to create blazing single- and multi-string licks, sequences and etudes.

    • A complete guitar picking course that starts from the first principles of movement and works around your own unique body mechanics, illustrated in detail
    • Inventive exercises that combine shifting scale lines, sequences, single-string phrases and string-changing mechanics
    • Concise, developmental picking drills and studies forming a clear, incremental path to speed-picking mastery

    Book Two: Sweep Picking Speed Strategies for Guitar

    Sweep Picking Speed Strategies for Guitar takes a meticulous approach to breaking down the biomechanics of sweep picking and goes way beyond drills and guitar licks to get to the heart of great sweep picking technique. You’ll master everything from pick grip and fundamental rudiments to the execution of perfect, large-scale arpeggio forms for the most common chord types as you learn sweep picking on guitar.

    • A comprehensive breakdown of everything you need to sweep pick like a pro
    • A systematic guide to mastering technique and dominating the fretboard
    • Complete technical development through 100 drills and 17 Etudes

    Book Three: Legato Guitar Technique Mastery

    For the fretting hand, Legato Guitar Technique Mastery will help you to dazzle with smooth lines, comprehensive neck coverage and various mechanical combinations. Here is a complete system to play legato like the masters, in the style of Alan Holdsworth, Guthrie Govan, Greg Howe, Brett Garsed, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani.

    • Learn the secrets of fretting and picking hand control
    • Discover techniques for taming unwanted string noise
    • Train yourself with diatonic and chromatic fretboard drills

    This three book collection really is the final word in modern guitar technique.

    Everything need to build the greatest guitar technique on the planet is right here.

    *Product image is for illustration purposes only. The physical book comes printed in one volume. 

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