Chris Brooks' Picking and Tapping Guitar Technique Collection

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Awesome Book Collection!

“This is packed with great information from not just one awesome book, but three! My alternate picking improved drastically after going through the exercises that Chris has written. I’ve also improved on economy picking. Tapping is something I was not good at prior to this, but I’m tapping in ways I still can’t believe I can do now. This book is definitely one to get as it is packed with great exercises and etudes. Every book by Chris is a home run!”

Well worth the price

“I have never had my alternate picking where I wanted it. I have been working with it about 3 weeks and am very impressed with the instruction. The advice about pick slant alone has been worth the price. I am using this book as if a complete beginner. I am excited about this book.”

Chris Brooks’ Picking & Tapping Guitar Technique Collection 3 in 1

Master Alternate Picking, Economy Picking and Tapping in this three-book compilation

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    Building and Perfect Diverse Guitar Technique Skills

    This ground-breaking guitar technique collection brings together three bestselling books. Master the essential techniques of alternate picking, economy picking and tapping to open up a new vista of exciting licks and musical possibilities. Get access to:

    • Over 370 exercises and musical examples
    • Over 3 hours of audio you can download for free
    • Bonus video content

    Book One: Alternate Picking Guitar Technique

    This complete method teaches you everything from building firm foundations to performing blazing, musical etudes. You’ll master:

    • Fundamental pick grips and movements
    • Changing strings correctly to avoid your pick getting “trapped”
    • Essential scale sequences to build your musical technique
    • Musical etudes that make key concepts fun and musical

    Book Two: Economy Picking Guitar Technique

    Economy picking is like two powerful picking systems in one – the strengths of alternate picking with the unbeatable efficiency of sweep picking. Each jam-packed chapter focuses on an essential aspect of economy picking technique and application, with plenty of licks and drills to reinforce every concept. You’ll master:

    • Where and when to apply economy picking
    • Ascending and descending sweep strokes
    • Picking patterns optimised for economy and creativity
    • How your heroes play their legendary licks

    Book Three: Rock Guitar Tapping Technique

    Tapping is an essential guitar technique and has found its way into most modern genres. Once mastered, a whole new palette of sounds and textures is available to enhance your creativity.

    This book contains six powerful modules to make your guitar tapping pop!

    Module 1: Learn the perfect mechanics for tapping and a range of cool licks and discover articulation techniques.

    Module 2: Get the most from single-string tapping with a collection of scale sequenced, arpeggio-based and ostinato licks. Learn etudes in the style of Eddie Van Halen and Randy Rhoads.

    Module 3: Learn how to extend pentatonic patterns with tapped notes to create powerful licks. Discover polyrhythms and explore advanced blues scale ideas.

    Module 4: Create diatonic modal licks and sequences. Learn three-note-per-string legato runs in the style of Reb Beach and Steve Vai. Play string-skipping taps in the style of Guthrie Govan and Michael Romeo.

    Module 5: Master three-octave string-skipping triads, seventh arpeggios and extensions, and how to sequence arpeggios. Play lines in the style of Michael Romeo, Guthrie Govan and Steve Vai.

    Bonus Module 6: Get refined with tapped harmonics, crosshanded tapping, and multi-finger lines. Learn the approaches of the greats with a collection of absolutely killer licks.

    All in all, Chris Brooks’ 3 in 1 Picking & Tapping Guitar Technique Collection contains everything you’ll ever need to know about building perfect technique and applying it musically.

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