137 Guitar Speed & Coordination Exercises

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Amazing Book

“This guitar instruction book is like no other. It’s helping me with clean fast technique more so than any other guitar book that I’ve ever used, and I’ve used lots of them. Chris Brooks has a way of teaching that is like no other. It’s about time.”

Great information & content

“I have already noticed an increase in speed and accuracy. The downloadable content as well as the videos on the website is really what sets this apart from other written resources. Cant wait to keep progressing!”

Fantastic Guitar Study Book

“One of the very best of it’s kind. I’ve benefited great, even as an older beginner using this wonderful and fun book. It’s pure joy to use this book, and it really does help with every aspect of learning to play the guitar. This one book has truly helped amazingly! I’d recommend this book to anyone, and give it 5 stars + 2 thumbs up! It’s my favorite”

137 Guitar Speed & Coordination Exercises

Guitar Technique Strategies for Synchronisation, Speed and Practice

Revisit the basics and push your absolute limits in one groundbreaking book.

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Lock In and Speed Up!

  • Do you want your hands to work together at all times?
  • Do you want to improve coordination and comfort playing the most demanding lines?
  • Do you want a new method for speed that doesn’t involve mindless repetition?

137 Guitar Speed and Coordination Exercises is the result of years of study, research and focused practice. Chris Brooks presents his groundbreaking strategies to perfectly synchronize the hands and achieve consistently breathtaking speed on guitar.

Chris spent months analysing and decoding the steps that he, and other technical virtuosos, took to achieve flawless technique and incredible speed on guitar. So, if you’re searching for the route to perfect guitar technique, he wrote this book, especially for you!

Master Incredible Guitar Technique Today

Synchronizing the fretting and picking hands is one of the most important skills a guitarist can develop – yet it is so rarely taught! Chris has written this guide to cover:

• How to overcome the stumbling blocks that prevent us from achieving fluidity on guitar
• How synchronization can be built by making the fretting/picking hands work as one unit
• How to quickly retrain the hands to eliminate bad habits for ultimate speed
• The fastest route to developing and applying a rock-solid inner sense of time
• How to use synchronization strategies to improve alternate picking, sweep picking, economy picking and legato
• The three-step LIE Method (locate, isolate, exaggerate)to troubleshoot and correct any technical issue in guitar technique

Lock In and Speed Up

137 Guitar Speed and Coordination Exercises ties together the subjects of hand coordination and developing speed in a two-part strategy that builds your ability in incremental steps.

In Section One: Locking In, you’ll learn:

• How to improve your internal rhythm
• Single string picking drills
• How to develop an advanced level of finger independence
• Synchronized position shifting
• Coordinating string crossing using multiple picking disciplines

Section Two: Speeding Up, covers…

• Playing without tension
• Mastering fretting hand pressure
• Troubleshooting wayward pick strokes
• Chris Brooks’ Speed Practice System
• How to find your continuous top speed
• Modified practice techniques

All these skills combine in some exciting and technique-focused speed and endurance etudes that test and refine the skills you’ve learned.

A Comprehensive Roadmap for Achieving Speed on Guitar

Learn guitar speed, coordination and synchronization from the ground up as you work through achievable steps through specially designed guitar exercises. Every skill is broken down, step-by-step, and you’ll quickly master each aspect of these powerful guitar techniques before moving on to the next. The work you do here will set you apart from the many guitarists who continue to carry ingrained bad habits and technical flaws.

137 Guitar Speed and Coordination Exercises installs good timing and perfect synchronization as the “operating system” that guides everything you’ll ever play on guitar! It really is a core workout that cuts deep to the heart of every problem a guitarist could face… and solves them quickly!

Bonus Material

Bonus 1: Along with 137 technical drills, with important techniques illustrated, you’ll get FREE audio and backing tracks to download.

Bonus 2: Get our exclusive series of teaching and demonstration videos that accompany this book. You’ll never be puzzled about exactly how each technique should be executed with these great walk-throughs.

Synchronization for guitarists is often reduced to finger-twisting drills or well-meaning advice about playing slow before you can play fast. Discover today how developing great inner timing and accurate coordination of picking/fretting hands can transform your playing.

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