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Pushing the envelope in how guitar technique is taught, Chris Brooks covers a range of mechanical and musical concepts for rock guitar, from speed mechanics to soloing concepts.

Through, books, video courses, and social media content, Chris has helped tens of thousands of guitarists from around the globe edge closer to accomplishing and surpassing their goals.

Pentatonic Speed Strategies for Guitar

Unleash new potential for rock’s oldest scale! With 124 speed sequences that feature alternate picking, economy picking and legato.

Chris Brooks' Picking and Tapping Guitar Technique Collection

3-in-1 Picking and Tapping Collection

Three ground-breaking instructional books in one collection. Master alternate picking, economy picking and two-handed tapping.

Neoclassical Speed Strategies for Guitar

Master the speed picking strategies of Yngwie Malmsteen and overcome the common obstacles of technique.

Sweep Picking Speed Strategies for Guitar

Conquer the often-overlooked fundamentals of sweep picking. Master the fretboard with 80 arpeggios made for speed!

The Complete Speed Strategies Collection

Three ground-breaking guitar technique methods in one collection.

137 Guitar Speed & Coordination Exercises

137 Guitar Speed & Coordination Exercises

Lock-in and Speed up in this method that will correct and perfect your technique from go to pro! Includes. 90 minutes of video demonstrations!

Rock Guitar Tapping Technique

Rock Guitar Tapping Technique

From Eddie Van Halen to Steve Vai and Guthrie Govan, learn two-handed tapping technique with triads, scales, arpeggios and more.

Sweep Picking Speed Strategies for 7-string Guitar

7-string players now have a complete method for fretboard coverage using sweep picking and extensive arpeggios!

Legato Guitar Technique Mastery

The most comprehensive legato development tool for guitar in print! Drills, licks and concepts for the advancing rock guitarist!

Alternate Picking Guitar Technique

Alternate Picking Guitar Technique

A new way of approach this foundation of picking technique with 80+ drills and etudes. 

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