Rock Guitar Tapping Technique

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Rock Guitar Tapping Technique

Learn the two-handed techniques of rock guitar mastery

From the fundamentals through to licks of the pros, my new book will have you tapping with great technique and an array of ideas to incorporate into your own style.

Tapping Technique Setup | Single String Motifs and Arpeggios | Pentatonic Applications | Diatonic Sequences | String-skipping | Bonus Video and Audio content

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    Master Two-handed Guitar Technique

    • Do you want to learn tapping technique and apply it in a myriad of ways?
    • Do you want to master dozens of concepts from basic drills to string skipping and arpeggios?
    • Do you want to hear how some of the best players use tapping for incredible lead lines?

    Rock Guitar Tapping Technique is your comprehensive guide to fretboard tapping mastery. It will teach you to go beyond the limitations of the fretting hand to create an array of dazzling licks.

    You’ll learn:

    • Tapping technique fundamentals and options
    • Single string drills and licks
    • How to create tapped pentatonic and blues licks
    • Tapped diatonic scale runs
    • Creative tapped arpeggios
    • Multi-finger tapping technique and monster licks

    Master the Basics Then Ignite Your Skills

    Tapping is now an essential guitar technique and has found its way into most modern genres. Once mastered, a whole new palette of sounds and textures is available to enhance your creativity. I’ll show you how to develop each concept in the book.

    Start with a powerful tapping primer that covers which fingers to use, clean technique, and how to create
    powerful tones, before enhancing your skills through a range of exciting licks, tricks, advanced techniques and etudes. You’ll quickly become an accomplished technician of guitar tapping technique.

    Complete 6 Powerful Tapping Modules

    Module 1: Learn the perfect mechanics for tapping, such as anchoring and string muting. Learn a range of cool licks and discover articulation techniques.

    Module 2: Get the most from single-string tapping with a collection of scale-sequenced, arpeggio-based and ostinato licks. Learn etudes in the style of Eddie Van Halen and Randy Rhoads.

    Module 3: Learn how to extend pentatonic patterns with tapped notes to create powerful licks. Discover
    polyrhythms and explore advanced blues scale ideas.

    Module 4: Create diatonic modal licks and sequences. Learn three-note-per-string legato runs in the style of Reb Beach and Steve Vai. Play string-skipping taps in the style of Guthrie Govan and Michael Romeo.

    Module 5: Master three-octave string-skipping triads, seventh arpeggios and extensions, and how to sequence arpeggios. Play lines in the style of Nuno Bettencourt, Michael Romeo, Guthrie Govan, Greg Howe and Steve Vai.

    Bonus Module 6: Get refined with tapped harmonics, crosshanded tapping, and multi-finger lines. Learn the approaches of the greats with a collection of absolutely killer licks

    Also included

    As well as detailed explanations, musical notation, and guitar tablature, you’ll also get:

    • Audio for each example; slow and fast

    • Backing tracks for each etude at two speeds

    • Bonus video on setting up your tapping technique

    • Tone guide to getting the right sounds for rock tapping


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    Rock Guitar Tapping Technique is a true zero-to-hero approach to two-handed technique. Get it now in paperback, PDF or Kindle.

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