“Chris Brooks can take the most complicated and advanced of subjects, break it down to the easiest thing possible and help you become a master! I recommend this book and everything else Chris has written”

“The best book on sweep picking I’ve seen. If you’ve never looked at the technique, it’s perfect to gain significant skill in the technique. If you’re quite experienced, then you’ll still learn a lot from it, and if you’re a teacher, it’ll give you some great ideas on how to show this to other.”

“I cannot recommend this book highly enough for any guitarist wishing to begin sweeping or even wanting to improve their technique.”

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Sweep Picking Speed Strategies for Guitar


A systematic guide to mastering technique and dominating the fretboard…
  • A complete system to master sweep-picking on guitar
  • Discover and apply the 6 Essential Rudiments of Sweep Picking
  • Complete technical development through 100 drills and 17 Etudes

A Complete System to Master Sweep-picking on Guitar

  • A comprehensive breakdown of everything you need to sweep pick like a pro
  • A systematic guide to mastering technique and dominating the fretboard
  • Discover and apply the 6 Essential Rudiments of Sweep Picking
  • Complete technical development through 100 drills and 17 Etudes
  • Extensive library of arpeggio shapes and over 100 neck diagrams

Sweep Picking Speed Strategies for Guitar is the follow-up to Chris Brooks’ wildly successful book Neoclassical Speed Strategies for Guitar. It takes a meticulous approach to breaking down the biomechanics of sweep picking and goes way beyond drills and guitar licks to get to the heart of great sweep picking technique.

You’ll master everything from pick grip and fundamental rudiments to the execution of perfect, large-scale arpeggio forms for every common chord type as you learn sweep picking on guitar.

You’ll become the sweep picking beast you never knew you could be!

Sweep Picking Speed Strategies for Guitar

  • Do you want to sweep pick the right wayfrom go to pro?
  • Do you want to avoid common sweep picking errors?
  • Do you want to learn guitar arpeggio shapes formulated for speed and command of the fretboard?
  • Do you want strategies that apply to any musical situation?
  • Do you want to make your sweep picking arpeggios sound as good as your favourite players?

Here’s What You Get:

  • A complete sweep picking guitar course that starts from first principles of movement and builds solid foundations
  • A multi-faceted system that presents options and allows you to make your own choices
  • A logical process for tackling important shapes and sounds on a chord-by-chord basis
  • Concise, developmental picking drills and studies that form a clear, incremental path to mastery

Bonus One: Clear illustrations to help you better understand pick grip and orientation

Bonus Two: FREE audio downloads andbacking tracks for every challenging etude

Many guitar players already understand the basic premise of sweep picking on guitar, yet never achieve the speed and fluidity they desire. Often it’s because they weren’t guided through the rudiments and strategies that would allow them to create a system personal to them.

Sweep Picking Speed Strategies for Guitar helps you master the myriad factors that affect your sweep picking technique and takes you from fundamental principles to devastating speed and extensive fretboard coverage. This isn’t just a lick book – it’s a complete sweep picking systemfor guitar. As well as a complete biomechanical approach to learning sweep picking, this method helps you systemise your strengths into a personalised, musical approach.

Hear It!

Sweep Picking Speed Strategies for Guitar includes 100 exciting examples (in tab and standard notation) with audio you can download for free from our dedicated website. There are alsobacking tracks for the 17 etudes contained in the book.

BuySweep Picking Speed Strategies for Guitar today.You won’t just learn to sweep pick, you’ll learn to strategize your entire approach to developing speed and fluency on guitar!

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