137 Guitar Speed & Coordination Exercises

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Guitar Practice Warmup Routines

Powerful Exercises & Technique Builders for the Advancing Guitarist

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How do you begin the perfect practice session?

  • Feel like you’re not making the most of your practice time?
  • Wondering how the greatest guitarists structure a meaningful warmup?

Meaningful Guitar Warmups That Improve Your Skills and Reduce The Risk of Injury

Like anything physical, jumping into hard work “cold” is never a good idea.

Most guitarists understand the importance of warming up, but many exercises out there labelled as “warmups” involve crazy stretches and zig-zagging picking patterns from the get-go.

That kind of approach breaks my number one rule for beginning practice: Your Warmup Shouldn’t Be More Difficult Than Your Workload!

A Method for All Kinds of Players

To help guitarists of every level begin their practice on the right foot, I’ve created and curated over 90 warmup exercises, delivered across ten separate warmup routines in a brand-new book – the first volume of three dedicated to supercharging your technique.

Guitar Practice Warmup Routines, the first in my new series, is a safe and effective way to begin your daily guitar work. It will not only get the blood moving progressively but improve your chops and form too!

These carefully devised exercises and routines focus on various aspects of guitar technique. Pick a routine designed for specific goals like alternate picking, fingerpicking, scales, and arpeggios (to name just some), or create your own custom warmup regimen from across the ten routines in the book.

With full audio and video support for every exercise (as well as written tab and notation), these drills will jump from the page to your practice in no time.

The book includes routines for isolated picking work, fretting hand chordal and linear warmups, chromatic displacement picking, arpeggios, scales, synchronisation, stretches, and finally, some wackier drills that will wake up your brain as well as your fingers.

Developing players will find this material a great source of mechanical and musical foundations for further studies. Experienced players can jump into any routine and get game-ready for the day’s work.

Are you ready to begin the perfect practice session? Grab a copy of Guitar Practice Warmup Routines to take the guess work out of getting started, and practice like a pro!

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