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Video Courses

All courses include HD video, PDF and Guitar Pro tablature and more. Click on a product for details...

The Yng Way

The Yng Way: Speed Strategies and Studies is a system that will equip with you the tools and knowledge to create blazing guitar lines and sequences using the speed picking system pioneered by guitar legend Yngwie Malmsteen. Chris shares insights and revelations accumulated over decades of guitar playing and teaching, and it’s all available for you to download right now….

Sweep Picking Systems

Sweep Picking can be a powerful technique to execute rapid and smooth arpeggios in your solos. This course will guide you through the 4 Technical Essentials of good sweeping, provide you with the methods to build 2-string triads into 6 strings and beyond, and equip you with the fretboard mapping to play arpeggios anywhere on the neck, with troubleshooting sections at the end of each main chapter.

DGAF T-shirt

Alternate Picking Expansion Video

Inspired by my new book, Alternate Picking Guitar Technique, this video expansion pack is an opportunity to take a deeper look at technique, motion, string changing, and playing options as they apply to the challenges in the book.

This product is supplementary to my book and you’ll still need to get your copy of that to benefit from this pack.

Inside, you’ll find 2.5 hours of streaming video covering a range of motion mechanics, close-ups of my two favourite pick grips, and plenty of examples of how to match up picking mechanics with the kinds of licks featured in my book. Instead of wondering how I would personally play certain things, you can watch me.

Guitar T-shirts

My T-shirts are fulfilled from warehouses in USA and EU. Prices begin at just $18.99. Click on a design to choose your size and colour.
DGAF T-shirt

DGAF T-shirt

Show the world you’re only listening if it’s important! Available in Black (S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL). Gildan 64000 stock.

How Can Less Be More?

The immortal phrase uttered by a certain Swedish guitarist. Ready to rock n rolex with Gildan 64000 stock.

DGAF T-shirt

Alternate Picking Has Its Ups and Downs

(version 1). This was such a lame middle of the night idea that I had to make it real!

Original Music

I've released two instrumental albums. You can buy them here on CD or as digital downloads
DGAF T-shirt

The Master Plan

My debut album from 2002, full of progressive rock structures and legato laden solos. For fans of Liquid Tension Experiment, Vinnie Moore and Shrapnel Records. Click to select download or CD.

DGAF T-shirt

The Axis of All Things

My second album features tracks like Kee Marcello’s Hammer’s Heart and originals like Velvel Claws, Transfiguration and Feeding The Myth. Click to select download or CD.

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