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Sweep Picking Systems for Arpeggios (Download)


Sweep Picking can be a powerful technique to execute rapid and smooth arpeggios in your solos. It's based on very simple and logical principles, but some of the key technical elements are often missed, overlooked, or even taught incorrectly, causing many players to abort, or persevere with less-than-awesome results.

You don't have to settle for ordinary any longer, as "Sweep Picking Systems for Arpeggios" will guide you through the 4 Technical Essentials of good sweeping, provide you with the methods to build 2-string triads into 6 strings and beyond, and equip you with the fretboard mapping to play arpeggios anywhere on the neck, with trouble shooting sections at the end of each main chapter.

Divided into systems, this course breaks the essential elements into Ascending, Descending, and Bi-Directional chapters, ensuring that you understand the key points applicable to each system before going into the next. There's also a Technical Essentials chapter, and the finale - a new Chris Brooks composition called "Conspectus" for you to apply almost every example taught throughout the video.

More details:

~ The four Technical Essentials of sweeping arpeggios
~ Pick grip and motion
~ Three picking systems explained
~ 38 picking drills for technique and arpeggio development
~ 11 etudes for applying the above
~ Chris’ personal preferences explained
~ 1 complete composition (Conspectus)
~ Full tablature and backing track for the above
~ 30 pages of PDF material
~ Video production script for “off computer” study
~ Filmed in 60 frames per second 720p
~ Multi-angle 
~ Slow and fast demonstrations

Best suited to:

~ Players who want the right foundations in their sweeping technique OR
~ Players who've already been sweeping but have issues getting to the level they desire


Price: $35

(2.6 BG, 60 frames per second video) 






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