Artesia Black

Artesia Black  is the new project featuring vocalist/keyboardist Gustav Hoffmann and guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Chris Brooks.

With decades of history of working together in various bands and projects, the duo at the core of Artesia Black decided to reach into the archives and go back in time, reworking and releasing songs that have never seen the light of day – until now.

Artesia Black will be a look back in the past, through the eyes of the present and future.

The band’s self-titled EP is out now and available to own at iTunes, Bandcamp and Amazon. It can also be streamed on Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music, YouTube Music and more.



About Artesia Black

Artesia Black is a new band with a long beginning and decades of music to share.

Vocalist/keyboardist Gustav Hoffman and guitarist Chris Brooks met way back in the seventh grade of high school. Through the bands Betrayal, Burning Desire, and Feeding the Addiction, the pair walked the boards from school halls to the clubs of Sydney, Australia.

In 2020, Brooks stumbled upon an old note book from his teenage years containing old lyrics, song titles, and potential band names. One band name stood out from the rest – Artesia Black. Inspired by the nostalgia of the find, Chris suggested to Gustav that they start a project to revise and release songs from various periods in their lives.

“Australia’s Great Artesian Basin is the world’s largest source of underground fresh water, so I thought it was a cool idea to use the Artesia Black moniker to release tons of our stuff that never saw the light of day”, says Chris.

Adds Gustav, “The two of us created a lot of music that was either written at the wrong time, ignored by the industry, or simply needed some extra work to realise its full potential. This project is going to give us a chance to address unfinished business as well as a fresh start”.

Gustav cites influences from Nik Kershaw and Duran Duran to Metallica and Faith No More, some of which is reflected in Artesia Black’s first single, All in Your Mind – available May 12, 2023.

Hoffmann has contributed to albums as a keyboardist, notably the “Resurrection” album by Aussie power metal legends Dungeon, and LORD’s “A Personal Journey”. As a singer, he’s been produced by Paul Gurmacel (Nik Kershaw, George Michael) and Guy Gray (Bon Jovi).

Chris Brooks is known in guitar circles as an instrumentalist and guitar educator with 2 solo albums and 13 guitar method books. He’s also written with former Yngwie Malmsteen vocalist Mark Boals, toured and recorded with the band LORD, and amassed a keen international online fanbase.

Brooks is looking forward to Artesia Black being a vehicle for melodic songs and solos that create songs within the songs, “the way Kee Marcello and Neal Schon do”, he adds.

All in Your Mind is available now on all major platforms.

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