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Video Courses

All courses include HD video, PDF tablature, Guitar Pro files and more. Click on a product to learn more…

The Yng Way

The Yng Way: Speed Strategies and Studies is a system that will equip with you the tools and knowledge to create blazing guitar lines and sequences using the speed picking system pioneered by guitar legend Yngwie Malmsteen. Chris shares insights and revelations accumulated over decades of guitar playing and teaching, and it’s all available for you to download right now….

Sweep Picking Systems

Sweep Picking can be a powerful technique to execute rapid and smooth arpeggios in your solos. This course will guide you through the 4 Technical Essentials of good sweeping, provide you with the methods to build 2-string triads into 6 strings and beyond, and equip you with the fretboard mapping to play arpeggios anywhere on the neck, with troubleshooting sections at the end of each main chapter.

Picking Systems for Pentatonic

Picking Systems and Sequences (The Penta Power Series) takes you beyond Blues cliches (we need those too!) to introduce you to three different systems for creating fiery Pentatonic picking lines. Dubbing the three systems “Alteve”, “Eco”, and “Compound”, Brooks demonstrates how picking approaches, fretboard “units” and strategised thinking can result in a whole new arsenal of lines for your rock, blues, metal and fusion pentatonic bag.

Neoclassical Gas

To answer the demand for lesson content based around my recent Neoclassical Gas solo, I’ve created a 30-minute lesson course!


  • The original play-through video
  • 11 lesson videos in 1080p 60fps
  • Selected “Pick Cam” angles
  • Backing Track MP3
  • Transcription in PDF
  • Transcription in Guitar Pro 7+

The Minute Licks Archive

  • 9 x Sweep Picking licks
  • 14 x Picking Sequences
  • 6 x Creative Tapping Licks
  • 7 x Breakdown videos of my Jared Dines solo
  • 8 x Synchronisation lessons
  • 5 x Breakdown videos of my “AeroTop” solo jam
  • 11 x Breakdown videos of Neoclassical Gas

That’s 60 videos! You also get all tabs in PDF and Guitar Pro as well as backing tracks where applicable.

E Minor Shred Solo

Featured in Jared Dines new 15 Amazing Guitar Solos on YouTube, Chris Brooks breaks down his furious E Minor solo in this new bite-size lesson pack.

Dividing the solo up into five parts, each section is taught with a focus on how the ideas were played, and little things to keep an ear out for when you play them yourself. Every pick stroke is included to help you duplicate Chris’ execution.

Pack includes: 7 videos (total 13 minutes), PDF Tablature, Guitar Pro GP and GPX files. Download size: 1.2GB

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