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"Speedpicking Mastery" 3-part Masterclass [UPDATED]


I'll be sharing every little bit of picking info I can muster into these powerful sessions that will change the way you think about picking and open up doors to more achievable and natural speed. I barely think about speed now with these principles in place and I want to share this stuff with you. Each class contains 3-4 people in a comfortable, friendly environment in western Sydney. Three weekly sessions in total for $149, including written material.

Wednesday evening bookings are now open after the first group filled in a flash. Contact me now for your spot. CB

Group 1: sold out

Group 2: sold out


NOVEMBER 5, 12, 19 at 7:15pm


- Guitar picks: an extension of the fingers, pick shape and material, grip
- Motion: The Axis of All Strings, the propeller
- Single string stealth
- Early exposure to high speeds and breaking the mind barrier
- String crossing: the flow of economy picking
- Lightning bursts and the seemless curve
- Fretboard mapping: the odds and evens principles, turning one good idea into hundreds of good ideas
- Turnarounds: Subconscious direction changes, no more awkward outside/inside
- Usable economy picking sequences
- Applying Speedpicking to rapid fire pentatonics using my 3-5-3-5 concept
- Monster licks and more
- Trouble shooting and individual analysis

Chris Brooks Speedpicking Mastery

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