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People to thank!

The following amazing people allowed me to have this album mixed and by making pledges through Indiegogo throughout May, June, & July 2011.  Some opted to pledge without wanting their name published, but rest assured that I know who you all are regardless!

Lee Marsh, Rob Powers, Brendon Upson, Jason Yap, Tim Disen, Ross Fear, Tim Thompson, Dustin Norman, Steve Hogarth, Jon Bloomer, Paulette Hutton, Matt Williams, Peter Hickey, Peter Ryan, Brett Garsed, Tim Hutton, Anthony Morrisey, Laurie Monk, Ricardo Puente, Dean Sanford, Andy Dowling, Frank Teger, Kevin Gibson, Daryl Gubler, Izzac V, Ryan Minor, Jeaf Headd, Jamian Valance, Mike Boardman, Stephen Winsor, Vampi the frog (!),. Trevor Beckett, Jean-Do Leonelli, Robert Goddard, Liz Wright, Ismael Roberto, Max Kirienko, Thomas Chaillan, Stevie Taylor, Mark Garroway, Jerry Brodrick, RJ Davy, Cameron Harris, Peter Zammit, Cameron Ewing, Chris Ptacek, Gina Kline, and others. Thanks so much – I appreciate you all.

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