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Neoclassical Speed Strategies for Guitar - OUT NOW!

Folks, I'm thrilled to announce that my first book for Fundamental Changes is out now and in stock at Amazon!!! "Neoclassical Speed Strategies for Guitar" is a comprehensive method book on The Yng Way picking system, with 93 musical examples, drills and etudes as well as line-diagrams and audio. Part technical compendium and part Artist style-file, it brings together mechanical solutions and stylistic vocabulary.

Mechanical topics covered include everything from holding the pick to Biomechanics and the 9 passive and active principles of this picking system. You'll get an overview of other kinds of picking and the implications of pick orientation for comparison, but of course a big spotlight on string changing strategies, single-string stealth, multi-string evens, odd numbers ascending strategy, odd numbers descending, the "lone note exception", and the most thorough practice routine out there to develop them all at your own pace. This is what I consider a true third option in the alternate vs economy picking discussion, and it's a book designed for your development and mastery.

Musical topics include the vocabulary of neoclassical rock including pedal-point, sequencing including the very Yngwie-centric approach to ascending and descending fours, scales and harmony, musical application of drills and etudes, and authentic-sounding study pieces. Grab a copy now!



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