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New Ibanez AZ Series AZ242F TSG


Having watched the prototypes out there for the last year, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the new Ibanez AZ Series. As soon as they landed in Australia, I selected my Premium model AZ242F, and well, here it is...

Neoclassical Speed Strategies for Guitar - OUT NOW!


Folks, I'm thrilled to announce that my first book for Fundamental Changes is out now and in stock at Amazon!!! "Neoclassical Speed Strategies for Guitar" is a comprehensive method book on The Yng Way picking system, with 93 musical examples, drills and etudes as well as line-diagrams and audio. Part technical compendium and part Artist style-file, it brings together mechanical solutions and stylistic vocabulary.

Win a Seymour Duncan Custom Stack Plus pickup!


I've giving away a great Seymour Duncan pickup next week! Check out the video to see how you can be in the running for it!

New song and instructional pack.


"Sweep Picking Systems for Arpeggios", my latest lesson pack is coming soon! Breaking down sweeping into 3 systems to simplify rather than confuse, the pack will have you sweeping from 2-6 strings in a clean, methodical and speedy manner!


In the mean time, here's a teaser of the pack with a song composed specifically for the lesson pack:


Seymour Duncan Stag Mag pickup demo


Here's my video demo of the Seymour Duncan Stag Mag with some hybrid picking, percussive funk, a little country twang and a legato lick for good measure.

New lesson package


A new guitar lesson package will be available for purchase and download shortly.

"Picking Systems and Sequences for Pentatonic" breaks down three picking systems for creating speedy pentatonic lines, with many examples of how to apply them, as well as backing tracks and a picking primer.

Release details to follow soon!

"Axis of All Things" v2.0 New artwork and 4 Bonus tracks


Folks, in order to relaunch my last solo album "The Axis Of All Things", I've created new artwork and given you access to four backing tracks from the album. Jam tracks include:

Chris Brooks uses Kemper Amplification


Thanks to the team at Innovative Music Australia, I'm pleased to say that I'll be using the Kemper Profiling Amplifier for all my projects in 2015 and beyond. I'm very inspired by this product and I look forward to not only making music with these killer tones, but ...

Axis "Relaunch": New Art and Bonus material


"Speedpicking Mastery" 3-part Masterclass [UPDATED]



I'll be sharing every little bit of picking info I can muster into these powerful sessions that will change the way you think about picking and open up doors to more achievable and natural speed. I barely think about speed now with these principles in place and I want to share this stuff with you. 

New lesson spots in Sydney


Sydney: new face to face lesson spots available as of Monday October 6: first locked in, best dressed (and played):

Win signed Brian Larkin albums with CB guest appearance!


The Axis of All Things - 2nd birthday sale!


Gear Page Update


Explains itself! Take a look!

New Wampler gear and backing track package!


The good people at Wampler Pedals have supplied me with some sensational gear for my pedal board which works splendidly with my existing Strymon and Selah effects. 

To mark the arrival of the Wampler "Dual Fusion" pedal that Tom Quayle collaborated with Wampler on...

Selah Effects Feather Drive performance demo


This is my favorite drive right now. A limited run hit the streets in 2012, and when I heard one I bought it on the spot because for me it nails that "blusion" aspect of my tone...

It's all on in 2013


Lots to report when a few things are confirmed, but let me put a few nuggets of information out there for you...

Arpeggio Alchemy - this is my new video series on Youtube, and a full package of these style of licks is coming soon! Please check out the first couple of episodes at and subscribe whilst you're there!

New Amp - news to follow in February!

Touring - No solo tours but stay tuned for some other overseas possibilities soon :)

$3 downloads for Leukaemia



$3 downloads for Leukaemia

Hey friends.  This week in support of The Leukaemia Foundation, every digital product in my PayLoadz store has been discounted to $3 each. Albums, transcriptions, backing track packs are included.  Every cent of cleared funds goes to research & support for those battling against this awful blood cancer.
Thanks and best regards,
Chris Brooks

Tab Pad with Guitar Tips


Here's a downloadable pdf guitar tab pad for you. Each page (24 in total) gives you a guitar tip from me. If you're a student, teacher, or self-taught player just sketching down ideas, feel free to use it and pass it on.

New lesson channel


I now have a youtube channel that will be an exclusive resource for guitar players at I'll be loading it up in the coming months with "Quickies" (short unscripted lessons), lesson packages, guitar tips, interviews and more. Subscribe now and keep up to date as it builds!

New App, and its FREE!


Smart phone users can now keep up with what's happening in my world, as well as buy music from iTunes, watch videos, read bios etc with the new Chris Brooks app. It's free. Just use your phone's browser and head to and add me to your home screen. Easy!

Axiology: A Decade of Fire


We're putting together a compilation of my stuff for newer fans to delve into, as well as...

100 CDs for Leukaemia – The Result


With the sales of specially-priced “The Axis of All Things” CDs, you, my fans and friends, have helped me raise $1542.52for Australia’s Leukaemia Foundation!!  I’m proud of you all for ...

Inclusion in Oz Guitar Greats - Australian Guitar Magazine


I'm stoked about this nifty mention in Australian Guitar Magazine's "50 best Australian Guitarists" issue, which just came out.  While not being in the top 50, the guys included me in this list of the best "beneath the radar" guitarists alongside amazing company including...

100 CDs progress report / guitar auction


Thanks so much for the support received so far in regard to selling 100 CDs for Leukaemia.  The current total...

100 CDs for Leukaemia


I've donated and signed 100 copies of "The Axis of All Things" to raise money for the Leukaemia, which I hope to sell in one month.  Please get behind the cause and tell your friends to help me raise funds for research on the disease as well as vital services and support to sufferers and their families.

Big words from an amazing player


I was blown away and also humbled to read these words from the amazing Brett Garsed in an interview today and just wanted to share them with you

New Fan Mega Pack available!


We've just added a "Mega Pack" to the store that gives you both Chris Brooks solo albums, a CB T-shirt, and a download card to give a friend for just $39.99 - a saving of $25! Limited offer, now available at

New lessons online


There are two new "Licks on demand" videos available in the LESSONS section.  Check them out!

Guitar Licks on Demand!


I'm doing these videos "by request" in which I answer questions about certain licks in video form with a breakdown and (where required) the transcription. They're things that people have asked...

New articles


Happy new year guys!  Just wanted to draw your attention to some new articles online:

NEW BLOG: How do you measure your success? And is it the right way?

NEW BLOG: Things I want for every guitar player.



Thanks for the year that was - whatever it was!


Just want to send out my heartfelt thanks and season's greetings to everyone who supported me in 2011.  What a crazy year it was!!  On the plus side there was 

T-shirts are in stock!


The first batch of Chris Brooks "Axis..." T-shirts has arrived, and they look great...

The Plans they are a changin'


As some of you may know, my car was wrecked when a negligent driver ran up the back of me at speed while I was stationary at an intersection. I am fine now, but thanks to all who've been checking in on how I am!  The at-fault driver's insurance company..

Pre-order your Chris Brooks T-shirt


We have two designs of "Axis.." T-shirts coming to the web store, due early November.  Be one of the first to own one by pre-ordering. Available in Medium, Large or XL at $26.99 + postage.  Chris Brooks Web Store

The coverage continues


Chris receives extra album release coverage this week from the Truth in Shredding site who have an exclusive..

Review the album for a chance at a prize!


Watch the video to see how you could win one of the first Chris Brooks Tshirts!

It's out! Tell the world!


The Axis of All Things is OUT NOW!  Tell everyone you know to check out this album and support an independent artist!

Word is getting out in the online media with a couple of reviews and interviews out there (see the links in the right hand side bar for updated reviews and interviews).

Thanks so much for the support already received.  Let's see what big things we can do together.

People to thank!


The following amazing people allowed me to have this album mixed and by making pledges through Indiegogo throughout May, June, & July 2011

Pre-orders now being accepted


We're now accepting pre-orders for "The Axis of All Things".  Buying the physical CD will give you the real deal in high quality, as well as a digital download you can listen to while we post it.  Or, choose the digital only format for just $10.99 which will give you a 256kbps download.

All digital preorders will be fulfilled on September 25 (Australian time, and we're ahead of most of you!). Physical orders will be posted shortly after.

PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY NOW!  Digital format will be distributed September 25. Physical copies distributed shortly afterwards!


Choose your format

Download 5 HQ samples today!



The new album is being mastered and pressed, but I'm itching to get some teasers out there.  Each day I'll be uploading a new one, but to get things rolling, here are two (watch in HD).  "The Axis of All Things" is out September 25 (looooooong time coming!)

I had a bit of time up my sleeve today so, rather than give you daily snippets on Youtube, here are 5 decent quality MP3 samples you can download or stream...

Album cover revealed


Here's the album cover for "The Axis of All Things"!  We're about 10 days away from mastering, and at that point I will give you samples and announce a firm release date, tentatively September 25 at this stage.  It's sounding great and I'm very anxious to give this new music to you!

"Axis..." Album progress report


John Romeo has crafted a mix that I’m very happy with. It’s a great fit for the music. He’s about 1/2 way though the mix, and he sends me each track as he goes for any feedback and tweak suggestions that I have. Having a couple of different drummers, and a few different styles of song...

Thanks for your support!


 Just want to send out a huge thanks to all the supporters who got behind the Indie Gogo campaign to raise the funds to mix, master and press my new album!  You raised 

Welcome to the new site!


So, here is the new!  I hope you'll find it a neat design.  I'm using HostBaby's hosting and website builder to allow me to really focus on bringing you content instead of trying (and failing) to keep up with design standards and coding that I simply don't have the time to learn! More time for music this way!

I'm super-pumped about being close to finishing my new album, "The Axis of All Things".  I'll post separate updates about that though as news is ready to send out into the world.



Hear me about new stuff from time to time.

Advanced Arpeggio Soloing - OUT NOW!