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The Axis of All Things album - CD or WAV / MP3

The Axis of All Things album

CD or WAV / MP3

THE AXIS OF ALL THINGS is the much-anticipated sophomore release by one of Australia's leading rock guitarists. Via the Funk/Fusion stylings "Transfiguration", the melodic shred of "The Axis of All Things" and "Feeding The Myth", the delicate acoustic of "Wisdom Rd", and soulful wailing of "Hammer's Heart", Brooks brings out his tastiest licks and his best songwriting, delivering a dynamic album that is rich in honesty, vibe, feel, and exhilaration! Enjoy in a darkened room, or blaring from your car on the open road. This album is an experience.


Features guest appearances by Brett Garsed (Farnham, Uncle Moe's, Nelson, Garsed/Helmerich), Rick Graham (UK's guitarist of 2011), Lord Tim (LORD, Dungeon), and Gordon Rytmeister (drummer for just about every important artist in Australia!).


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The Master Plan album - CD or WAV /MP3 audio

The Master Plan album

CD or WAV /MP3 audio

"The Master Plan" is an amazing piece of work! Of course, the playing is world class which I didn't doubt for a second but the overall sound quality is really incredible"

- Brett Garsed


"... one of the strongest works I've heard in years!!!! The playing was really strong throughout. I love the tone, but the writing just blew my socks clean off!"

- Guitarist, Teacher and Mel Bay Publications Author Jon Finn 


"Brooks is the kind of guitar player who we should all strive to be like. He puts melody first and shred second. Chris never compromises the integrity of a song to show off how fast he can speed-pick or play arpeggios. His goal is to suck you and squeeze the juice right out of you."

- Nick Martinelli, The Shred Zone


My debut album is still something I'm proud of as a songwriter and performer. It brings together my favourite elements in music: creative structures, melodic themes, soaring solos and clever arrangements. It's truly a solo album as I performed and arranged everything. It was a great exploration in odd-time and progressive elements as well.


This release opened up a lot of doors and fans back in its day, so I hope you enjoy the beginning of my recorded journey.


CD $12+ postage (calculated on checkout)

LOSSLESS (WAV) + MP3 FILES $10, Instant Access





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