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The Minute Licks Archive

Video, PDF, Guitar Pro

Early in 2019, I made the decision to make short lesson videos available via subscription, based on licks I was sharing on Social Media. This eventually included mini-lesson courses like the Jared Dines Solo, The Aero-Top Jam and my recent "Neoclassical Gas" course (with $18.99 on its own).


I had to discontinue the subscription product, but I wanted to make all the material available because there is still a ton of valuable work here for the keen player. Some lick lessons last a minute while others form part of a 20-30 minute lesson.


Video content includes:


  • 9 x Sweep Picking licks
  • 14 x Picking Sequences
  • 6 x Creative Tapping Licks
  • 7 x Breakdown videos of my Jared Dines solo
  • 8 x Synchronisation lessons
  • 5 x Breakdown videos of my "AeroTop" solo jam
  • 11 x Breakdown videos of Neoclassical Gas


That's 60 videos! You also get all tabs in PDF and Guitar Pro as well as backing tracks where applicable.


Instant access via download or streaming.


Price: $35






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