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Picking Systems and Sequences (Penta Power)

video, tabs and backing tracks (HD 3.4GB / SD 1.8GB)

Picking Systems and Sequences (The Penta Power Series) takes you beyond Blues cliches (we need those too!) to introduce you to three different systems for creating fiery Pentatonic picking lines. Dubbing the three systems "Alteve", "Eco", and "Compound", Brooks demonstrates how picking approaches, fretboard "units" and strategised thinking can result in a whole new arsenal of lines for your rock, blues, metal and fusion pentatonic bag. There's also a picking primer to get you moving in a logical and thought out manner.


With clear explanations, close up shots and slow motion, Brooks' clean and logical approach to picking technique and musical application will be easy to understand, and then the work is up to you!


Package includes 68 minutes of video instruction, transcriptions in PDF and Guitar Pro, and five backing tracks used in the series. Available in versions optimised for varying levels of device performance from Tablet-friendly MP4 720p resolution to MP4 HD 1080p for faster machines and bigger monitors.


1080p HD for newer (dual core+) computers and larger display

720p SD for older machines or tablets


Price: $28 USD





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