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Neoclassical Gas Shred Solo Lesson Pack

HD Video, PDF, Guitar Pro files

Hi Guys,


In my recent guitar solo video dubbed Neoclassical Gas, I let rip with a series of alternate, sweep and compound picked runs and phrases that draw on the Phrygian Dominant mode and its partner in crime, the diminished 7th arpeggio.


Due to demand for a breakdown of this solo, I've created a half-hour video course using HD video, PDF, Guitar Pro and the backing track to retrace my steps, give you the thinking behind the licks, and suggest ways to approach the material.




The Tablature (PDF and Guitar Pro 7) includes every pick stroke so you'll be able to replicate my suggestions or deviate with your own. Using the included backing track, I encourage you to take on the song and do your own version. I'll even repost my favourites on social media.


Full contents:


  • Original playthrough video
  • 11 lesson videos (running time: 28 minutes)
  • Selected "Pick Cam" shots
  • Mixed Backing Track
  • PDF Tablature
  • Guitar Pro 7+ Tablature
  • Minute Licks one-month FREE access (save $5)


Happy Shredding!

Chris Brooks


Price: $18.99





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