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Legato Guitar Technique Mastery

Paperback, PDF, Kndle

We've all heard those liquid-smooth, fast guitar lines. You know, the ones that roll by with streams of connected notes without any signs of a pick stroke?


That's Legato, and if you've ever wanted to harness the flowing soloing styles of SatrianiHoldsworthVai and Garsed, I've just released what I believe to be the ultimate guide to help you do it. After the success of my books on picking technique, I've set my sights on the fretting hand for the most complete legato method in print.


Legato Guitar Technique Mastery is a brand new method for the advancing guitarist. You’ll learn everything from the essential fretting mechanics and first legato phrases to pro-level liquid lines that combine all sorts of scale shapes, sequences, chromatic passing tones, arpeggio tricks and whammy bar implementation. There's also muted legato, odd tuplets and burst phrasing.


You won't just learn the fretboard - you'll connect it. With concepts to help you traverse the neck in a single bound, you won't get stuck in boxes or get bored playing the same patterns over and over. By the end of the book, your licks will be Not Of This Earth and Flying In a Blue Dream.


With 150 drills, sequences and monster licks, audio, backing tracks and four exclusive videos, I hope you'll agree that Legato Guitar Technique Mastery is easily the most bang-for-buck legato course around.


It's out now in Paperback PDF  and Kindle . Choose your format and let's get started!






Advanced Arpeggio Soloing - OUT NOW!

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