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Learn from Chris

Guitar & Bass lessons with Chris Brooks

Marayong/Blacktown/Quakers Hill area

As a guitarist, I've been helping people reach their goals since I was 16 years old. That was some years ago! Many of my students have gone on to successful teaching or playing careers themselves, and I believe the key to this has been to identify your objectives on the instrument, then implement a plan to help you get there. I don't believe in spoon-feeding licks from CDs, but I do believe in "real world" examples.  I will never teach you anything that doesn't have real benefits in actual playing situations.


I specialise in helping people find their unique voice on the guitar, but that doesn't mean I can't help you replicate your favorite players' ideas also.  As a professional, I've played guitar on international releases, been featured in magazines like Australian Guitar, Young Guitar (Japan), Metal Hammer and more, so I know my stuff and have worked hard at getting it together!


On bass guitar, I've taught people how to groove, play in time, add some spice, rock out and be musical for 20 years. I've played bass on my own albums and I love to play and pass on what I've learned. It's a great instrument, and I can help you be the best bassist needed for your situation.


I take students on a case-by-case basis whether they be beginners or advanced, so please get in touch to see if I think we would be the right combination for your guitar goals.



(Left to right: Jeremy Yong [Australia's Got Talent, Ellen DeGeneres] and Jesse Turner [Aurox, Nova Incepta] are just 2 of the players Chris Brooks has coached to success)





New Players: 4 lessons (1/2 hr each) $160

Intermediate: 4 lessons (3/4 hr each) $270

Advanced: 4 lessons (1hr  each) $340

(read more about Advanced lessons HERE)


Why should I learn from you instead of the local music school?<

1. Experience: I play guitar for a living in a multitude of styles including pop, funk, metal, jazz, acoustic, and I have real world experience. Schools often enlist uni students or inexperienced players because it's cheaper for them to do so.

2. Quality: I don't take lazy students, and I don't offer lazy lessons. This is my life and I take it seriously :)

3. Dedication: I'm a patient teacher who really wants to see you fulfill your potential as a guitar player.

4. Payback! With my referral program, you get a free lesson for every new student you refer who books and pays for a 5-lesson block!

5. Fun: I make this look easy! Come for a lesson and see for yourself.


LIVE SCHEDULE CALENDAR - These are the current available spots. 



Hang on, so who is Chris Brooks anyway?

Well, since you asked :) I am a working guitar player from a long family tradition of working in music, and in the 20 years I've been playing professionally, I've studied at the Australian Institute of Music, released two successful guitar albums which have sold in over 30 countries, I've been featured in local and international music publications like Australian Guitar, BURRN! (Japan), Young Guitar (Japan), Metal Hammer (Greece) and more. I'm also lucky to have worked with some incredible musicians who themselves have played for artists including John FarnhamYngwie MalmsteenBlack SabbathLORD and more. As a teacher, I've always believed in the cause of guitar lessons that encourage, inform, and inspire players of all levels, and for this reason I believe in giving beginners the right start, as well as helping those who attend my masterclassese or Skype sessions.





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