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The Fives Turnaround Mechanic

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Regardless of your musical style, this little device can help you shift upward or downward into other 3-note-per-string patterns whilst keeping the picking consistent with The Yng Way. The Fives turnaround sets up our picking by ensuring we hit the new position on a downstroke as we did with the position before it. Once we're in the new position we can choose to continue in that pattern or use more Fives turns into even more positions.


In the full course you'll learn all about the string changing strategies and how alternate picking, economy picking and systemised placement of slurs can come together to form a truly innovative picking style and fascinating area of study, but even in this example, all pick strokes have been mentioned and I'll elaborate a little for you here too.


If you're not familiar with this picking style, here's what you need to know:

1. When moving to a higher string after an odd number of notes (like 3), Yngwie uses a sweep motion to make the last downstroke of the lower string become the first downstroke of the new string. This is called economy picking, though Yngwie is only a one-way economy picking.

2. When descending from a higher string to a lower string, Yngwie leaves the higher string on an upstroke using an "outside" pick stroke to land on the lower string with a downstroke. This is what an alternate picker would do in the same situation.

3. It's not applicable to this example, but any "leftover" note on the higher string after our last upstroke is played with a pull-off to keep with the system of picking even notes on higher strings to ensure we always leave on an upstroke to set up the next downstroke.


To the uninitiated there seems like a lot of thinking to do, but that's why it's a system! We do the thinking now so that we don't need to later. The system opens up a range of possibilities that, to be honest, can just be a pain with the 2 mainstream picking approaches of pure alternate or pure economy picking, so I recommend you really take the time to give this 3rd option a go!  Enjoy!



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Amazing instructions style and information. You know how to get to the point a lot quicker than that other guy.

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