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Sweep picking in a rock-fusion context


Seventh arpeggios with some syncopation thrown in for good measure work an absolute treat over funk/fusion grooves. Here, I'm playing along with Example 10e from the new book, "Sweep Picking Speed Strategies for Guitar", which uses m7, m7b5, 7 and maj7 arpeggios with a kind of Latin flavour.


In the book, seventh chords are split into four shapes per chord type - root position and three inversions - which evolve from Major Seventh through to Minor Seventh, flat 5. Each Speed Shape type retains the note layout across the strings, so Speed Shape 1 in Major Seventh has the same notes per string as Speed Shape 1 in Dominant Seventh and so on.


Try this kind of vibe in your jams and see how you can sweep AND phrase simultaneously! If you like this idea, please consider sharing the page with your friends, and check out my book for 116 more examples, sweep-picking biomechanics, audio and backing tracks!





Happy Shredding!

Chris Brooks



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