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Minute Licks #6: Seconds Sequences with alternate and downpicking


Let's keep the Vinnie Moore streak going with this 2nds sequence. Vinnie often uses ascending sequences in a downward direction, e.g playing a diatonic 2nd interval from C# to D, then down to a B then up to the C# and so on...

Minute Licks #5: Vinnie Moore style Pedal tone lick


Here's a pedal-tone picking lick in the style of Vinnie Moore, particularly on his first two albums, Mind's Eye (1986, Shrapnel Records) and Tome Odyssey (1988, Squawk Records)....

The Abyss Lick (econo picking, legato, tempo pushing)


Based on a pattern in the Yngwie Malmsteen track "See You In Hell" from the Eclipse album, this line takes many of the elements of the Yng Way Picking System and puts them into one study piece. See the video for more detail in what makes up the lick, and how to perform it.

Minute Licks #4: Descending 2 string line in C# minor


This lick will be great for either your outside or inside picking depending on which pick stroke you choose to start on. My picking strokes are consistent with The Yng Way, so inside string changes do not occur with these pick strokes but by flipping my indicated pick strokes you get a a great inside picking exercise.

Minute Licks #3: The Gilbsteen


Here's a lick you can either call a Malmbert or a Gilbsteen. I'm using the tone and attack of Paul Gilbert but the picking approach of Yngwie Malmsteen. The pick strokes and strategic placement of pull offs is c......

The Fives Turnaround Mechanic


Regardless of your musical style, this little device can help you shift upward or downward into other 3-note-per-string patterns whilst keeping the picking consistent with The Yng Way. The Fives turnaround sets up our picking by ensuring we hit the new position on a downstroke as we did with the position before it. 

Minute Licks #2: The Yng Way vs. Pure Alternate picking


One follower asked for a lick that you could compare side-by-side alternate picking vs the compound picking system of "The Yng Way". The Yng Way is more uniform in this particular case because every repeat of the lick contains the same pick strokes, whereas pure alternate ....

Minute Licks #1: 2 string sequence


This is a 2-string descending line in C major. My picking is based on....

How to play the "Marching Out" intro by Yngwie Malmsteen


This video was a request from a customer who purchased my lesson course The Yng Way, which is a systematic blueprint of the speed picking strategies of guitar legend Yngwie Malmsteen.  The request was in regards to how the picking strokes would work in the pedal tone intro to the title track from Yngwie's album Marching Out (Polydor 1985)....



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