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Minute Licks #9 - two string shred in the style of vinnie moore, paul gilbert and michael angelo bat



I used to do a LOT of these kind of licks in my teens, so it's been fun reconnecting with that youthful vibe lately with my new Ibanez guitar. Here's a lick in the style of Vinnie, Pablo, Michael Angelo and other 3 note per string, dual pick slanting monsters.



Although many of you know my picking from the Yng Way school of thinking, for a long time I was a strict alternate picker, and pure alternate picking is what I use here. My pick orientation is fairly neutral here which means I'm slanting the picking fairly evenly between upward and downward as I approach each string change. We never had terms like "pickslanting" when I was teaching myself this stuff, but I always described myself as "leaning into" each string change. Use the slow speed function on the youtube video and you should see what I mean. The idea is not to get jammed in between strings because the lick fluctuates between outside string changes (the first 16 notes of each bar) and inside picking (the next 12 notes).


I've notated the bars in 7/4 time so that each bar is an entire step of the lick. It can also be played free time, or using rubato to push and pull it into the bars of other time signatures, but I recommend playing it all evenly as a practice lick, feeling free to twist and contort it to your will when you have it down.




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Great sequence. I got here from your Yng-way book. You have tons of comments. Great site. Great lessons!!!

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