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Minute Licks #4: Descending 2 string line in C# minor


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This lick will be great for either your outside or inside picking depending on which pick stroke you choose to start on. My picking strokes are consistent with The Yng Way, so inside string changes do not occur with these pick strokes but by flipping my indicated pick strokes you get a a great inside picking exercise.


We talked about this kind of pattern in Sequence #8 of The Yng Way and also showed some examples of where the idea showed up in Yngwie's solos and jams both live and in his REH instructional video.


Starting on an upstroke may feel unusual if you haven't done it before, but don't write it off too soon! It can have a real vibe to it at speed and the mechanics are the same as if you'd started on one of the B string sections instead.




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Very nice..!!
Thank you for all the content you give your fans. This is another great example and shows your super technique.

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