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Minute Licks #3: The Gilbsteen

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Here's a lick you can either call a Malmbert or a Gilbsteen. I'm using the tone and attack of Paul Gilbert but the picking approach of Yngwie Malmsteen. The pick strokes and strategic placement of pull offs is consistent with The Yng Way, but if you choose to do this as a strict Alternate Picking run, be aware that each repeat of the unit (each bar in this case) would start on an opposite pickstroke to the beginning of the bar before it (and after it).


It can be played as a free time run or in whatever rhythmic groupings you choose, but since I envision each unit starting at the beginning of the bar, I've notated it as a 15 note unit occurring in the space of sixteen 16th notes. Enjoy!




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I love this one. Very creative approach to picking something that sounds very alternate picking.
Thanks dude for this really nice lick!

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