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Minute Licks #2: The Yng Way vs. Pure Alternate picking

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One follower asked for a lick that you could compare side-by-side alternate picking vs the compound picking system of "The Yng Way". The Yng Way is more uniform in this particular case because every repeat of the lick contains the same pick strokes, whereas pure alternate flips the pick strokes each time and requires fluctuating pick orientation as opposed to the one way downward pick orientation of the Yng Way. Try both over the next week and let me know which one speeds up for you.


I typically play 9 notes per half-bar with this pattern which means I'm actually thinking three 16th note triplets per two quarter note beats, but don't confuse yourself over that while you work on the mechanics. In the tab below I've noted the picking strokes for both approaches, as well as simplified notation.




Want to know more about The Yng Way? Click this pic:


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