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  LORD - Set in Stone
Chris performs a short but sweet solo on the song, "Be My Guest", a track which also features former members of Megadeth, Dio and more!

  The Alchemists II - Various Artists

This "duets" album from Liquid Note Records featured Chris Brooks and Joe Chawki on the track "Unruly Elements". The album also featured Milan Polak, Marco Sfogli, Terry Syrek, Bumblefoot, Christophe Godin, Brett Garsed and more!

  LORD - Ascendence
Sydney, Australia, and one of the world's best melodic bands asked Chris to perform solos on two songs from their 2007 album - "Through The Fire", and "Rain".  Chris' contributions seemed to be very well received!

  The Goddess Nemesis Project (2003)

Great Hungarian prog-metal instrumental album.  Chris played an extended solo on one track but he doesn't remember the name of it.  He wouldn't mind a copy of it either guys!

  Various Artists - Rock The Bones (2003, Frontiers) 2-CD sampler

Features the Boals/Brooks track "Fly" with Chris on guitar, even though they took snippets from the "Edge of the world" press releases (that we at wrote for them!) and made it appear that Tony MacAlpine was the guitarist on the track!

Other artists include Jeff Scott Soto, Harem Scarem and tons more.

  Mark Boals - Edge of the World (2002, Marquee Inc, Frontiers)

Chris wrote and played guitar on the opening track "Fly" which also features Erik Norlander on keyboards and Vinny Appice on drums.  Virgil Donati, Jeff Kollmann and Tony MacAlpine also appear on the album.

A second CB track was recorded for the album but Mark didn't finish it in time!

  Chris Brooks - The Master Plan (2002, progmatic music)

Chris' popular solo album, self-produced and played.  Includes the tracks: Kryptica, Inner Light, Crack in the Hourglass, Blue Sky Odyssey, Funksion, Theme for the Next World, Axiom, The Master Plan, Only Time, Tales From a Distant Sky, Kryptica revisited (unlisted).

Produced By Chris Brooks.  Mastered by Kathy Naunton of dB Mastering.


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