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Things we're all doing wrong on Vero


Content creators were whipped up into a bit of a frenzy this week with the viral spread of the new app called VERO, a social media platform whose creators have declared puts the emphasis back on to true timeline-accurate media sharing. Those of us who've become highly disenfranchised by the algorithms that bury our content on Facebook (and to a lesser extent, Instagram) without sponsored posts were frothing at the idea that people who already decided they want to follow our content will be able to... follow our content.


So what have we done wrong so far? Let's explore.


1. Splitting your audience to help Vero build its.


Don't feel bad. I did it too, but how many times did you see people using their existing social media platforms to post "Hey, come join me on Vero"? By using your (albeit frustrating as hell) Facebook account to drag people across to another platform, you're doing Vero's job for it. Let them build their audience. If your followers organically migrate to a new platform, be there to take advantage of it. In the meantime, however, this beta app is still a learning curve for all of us, and only time will tell if this is a truly viable alternative to the big guns.


2. Not considering how you will use it


Every platform has its pros and cons.


Instagram is great for video, photos and with Instagram Stories, the Snapchat-esque option to post several updates on your day in progress. Con: It's also easy for people to fake their numbers with fans and views in an effort to come across as influencers or movers and shakers.


Facebook profiles are still okay for a good old bitch session, an expansion of your thoughts in the written form, or to keep it personal with people you actually know. Con: Facebook Page owners are struggling to get more than 5% - 10% of content into their followers' feeds, and this is a big part of the Facebook-angst that business owners and creative people feel.


Youtube is still great for large-scale videos, webisodes, live streams etc. Con: With demonetisation scandals and overtly left-leaning content policies, the platform is starting to lose its shine with some creators.


The point is, with each platform having settled upon a place within the market, it's important to think about what works best for anything new that comes up. What will Vero's role be in the scene? Is it a hub to send people to your other content? Is it something you'll post exclusive native content on?


Develop a strategy for this new app in order to reach new people or deliver media in new ways.


3. Posting the same shit everywhere


Further to the last point, is there a lot to gain right now from duplicating your entire Instagram feed on your Vero? Is there any need to follow exactly the same people so that you can see their same content as well?


What about using Vero to share more about what you're reading or listening to? Maybe this will be the app you do more link-sharing on since it's unlikely to get lost or buried the way it does on Facebook. 


Put simply, if you want your followers to absorb your posts across multiple platforms, you need to give them a reason to.


4. Connecting with every Tom, Dick and Harry


Remember when your myspace friend count got to 20,000 and the whole thing just crippled from the abundance of self-promotion? With a new platform like Vero, it's natural to want to cut loose and scoop up as many contacts as you can while it's fresh, but consider the long-term strategy. With a back to real-time premise, are you going to be able to deal with a feed of 10,000 different users?


Going forward, moderating your contacts a little might be something to consider. To its credit, one of the cool things about Vero that might help with the potential overload is being able to choose exactly what kind of content you want to see from each person. If you find someone posting the same photos as they do on the Facebook and Instagram profiles you're already following them on, simply unsubscribe from photos on Vero. You can do this by clicking on the user's profile, then clicking on the 3 dots in the bottom right corner, then click "Filter Posts". The filter allows you to tailor the content you see from each poster. If you're randomly adding every person you see, you might find the daily feed cluttered before you know it.




With a potential new player on the social media scene, strategy is your friend. Jump in and dig around on Vero, but think carefully about how this new app fits into your overall strategy for connecting with fans and potential customers.




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