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No, this isn't a pyramid scheme I'm trying to sell you on, although it does seem a little too good, doesn't it? It's true though.


During a really rough patch a while back, I'd lost faith in continuing on my path as a working musician. Gigs weren't coming in, teaching work was slow, everyone knows albums sales weren't breaking any records. My confidence, health, and relationships all took a hit. I was in a bad place, a place of helplessness that, for a creative mind, is the least creative place in the world.


I decided to look for what cynical people would call "a real job", as if the thing I'd been doing these last 20 years was not one. To aid this, I subscribed to a job seeker website in Australia called, which emailed me all the jobs in the area that I chose to be notified about on a daily basis.


Reading about all the jobs in my local area, there were sales jobs, warehouse jobs, telemarketing positions... a whole host of roles I had

a) no interest in whatsoever

b) no experience in or training for, and

c) no luck in being hired for.


I couldn't even get a job stacking shelves at the local supermarket because the 10-15 hours per week they were offering would not get me through the week.


Today more than ever, employers want commitment (available all day every day), hyperactive enthusiasm for the job ("High energy go-getters wanted" etc), unashamed extroverts ("outgoing team players") and skills well beyond what the job is paying for (Job satisfaction!). It seemed like a LOT of effort for something I already knew wasn't for me, so if you want to be a part of the job market, you'd better LOVE what it is you're applying for.


It was time face it: music was the only thing for which I'd ever have all of those qualities described, and the motivation to compete in, so I'd either better get excited about these options, or fight to make music income streams more viable. The alternative is a prison of discontent.


I started exercising more, eating better, sharpening my mind for marketing, reading up on sales techniques from other fields and applying those to my teaching business, and I was not going to stop until my diary filled up with paying clients. The fear fueled the fire.


It only took a few weeks and a couple of clever strategies to slowly get the ball (and the funds) rolling, but mostly it was the time needed to re-establish my self-belief. I stopped reading that daily Seek email with all the job listings.


I didn't unsubscribe though.



To this day, that email from Seek arrives in my inbox at about 9:30am every day, and every day, I send it straight to the trash. Why? Because it keeps the fire in my belly. It reminds me to spend every day trying to reach my goals. Because one day, if I find myself losing faith again, I'm gonna have to open that email. That email is my daily reminder to keep doing what I love doing, and to keep making it viable. What will it take for you?


Chris Brooks


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I wish you, and all other fantastic positive players I've discovered, success in your endeavors. I myself was too afraid to commit so fully, and I do regret it! However, I will be purchasing Joseph Alexander's "Self Publishing Success". Much continued success with the instructionals!
Thanks for this Chris. I printed it off. Your words exactly describe my experience as well. Being in that situation is what led me to get your teaching assessment. Things are slowly improving. Thanks for the inspiration bro! BTW, just picked up your sweep picking course and it looks great so far. Keep the faith! --Nick

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