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Things we're all doing wrong on Vero


Content creators were whipped up into a bit of a frenzy this week with the viral spread of the new app called VERO, a social media platform whose creators have declared puts the emphasis back on to true timeline-accurate media sharing. Those of us who've become highly disenfranchised by the algorithms that bury our content on Facebook (and to a lesser extent, Instagram) without sponsored posts were frothing at the idea that people who already decided they want to follow our content will be able to... follow our content.

So what have we done wrong so far? Let's explore.

Three Things You Need To Do In Your Music Teaching Business


In my education career, I have been just about every part of the equation of successful teaching businesses that I can think of. I’ve been the student. I’ve been the teacher. I’ve been the admin person, the marketing director, the frontline customer service person, the curriculum advisor and the trouble-shooter. I’ve been exposed to these various roles as ...

The daily email that makes me money


No, this isn't a pyramid scheme I'm trying to sell you on, although it does seem a little too good, doesn't it? It's true though.

During a really rough patch a while back, I'd lost faith in continuing on my path as a working musician for much longer. Gigs weren't coming in, teaching was slow, Lord knows albums weren't breaking any sales records. My confidence, health, relationships all took a hit. I was in a bad place, a place of helplessness that, for a creative mind, is the least creative place in the world.

I decided to look for what cynical people would call "a real job", as if the thing I'd been doing these last 20 years was not.


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