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advanced guitar lessons

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So what's this all about then, ay?
If there are things that you'd like me to help you with, you can now have me as your own teacher/mentor from anywhere in the world. You might hear things in my playing that you want to explore for yourself, or perhaps you want to develop or improve your chops, expand your soloing options, or you may just like a chat about your career, recording project, motivational stuff, or other aspect that I can mentor you through or provide some insight into.
Things I get asked the most about:
* Building a toobox of soloing ideas (e.g. one-chord vamp ideas)
* Techniques: legato, speed-picking
* Modes and getting the most from them
* Note choice
* Album recording mentoring
* Instrumental songwriting
* Combining ideas (e.g arpeggios and scales)
* Outside / passing tone ideas
Some of these things have taken me years to assemble in my own playing, so I recommend multiple sessions in some areas as it’s against my better judgment to load you up with 6 months worth of material in one session.
How do they work?
1. You send me a list of what you hope to achieve, long term and short term, in your playing. I'm an honest teacher. If I don't feel I can give you what you're looking for, I'll refer you to someone else. You might want to send me a link to your playing, or you might just give me a list of things you "suck" at.
2. We book a time that works for both of us. I'm in Australia but available for times that should suit most time zones. The booking is confirmed when you pay the paypal invoice that I will send you.
3. I prepare some basic notes and examples that I think will demonstrate solutions. I may ask you some questions before the lesson based on your request list, just to clarify.
4. We have a 50 minute session (5 mins soundcheck, 45 mins lesson)
5. You practice hard and email me to book another session!
What do you need?
1. I say this not to be rude, but good English language skills are a must. Skype can be a little awkward at first as it is without us having the additional problem of language barriers.
2. Skype software (free), a webcam/mic, an amp or modeler set to a comfortable audible level.
3. A good internet connection (wireless not recommended) on a reasonably fast computer.
4. A note pad and pen to jot down things. You often absorb more by taking written notes.
Skype Lesson Packages:
First session: $55
Subsequent sessions or multiple bookings: $50 each
What I don't do in guitar lessons
1. I'm not a tab/transcribing service. If you want to know a specific part from your favorite player's song, there are lots of places you can get that, I'm sure. Try to come up with a wish list for your lessons that are more conceptual and of benefit to your own style as I feel this is the best way I can help you.
2. I don't retune my guitar to drop C#/B/A/etc. I don't mind if you do, but I need to stay in tune for the next student!
3. I cannot offer refunds for missed lessons, but in the case of a problem from my end, I will issue a credit and reschedule another booking.

Want to get your lead playing to it's maximum potential?  I can help.  I've been helping people reach new heights in their guitar playing for 20 years.

Using a goal-based approach and withholding no secrets, I will help you perfect your technique, and equip you with an arsenal of melodic ideas to not only play great lead guitar, but to use them to personalise a style unique to you.

My lessons may save you months or years of running around in circles in some areas that may have frustrated you for quite some time.

Lessons with Chris Brooks provide real solutions with practical applications


Popular lesson topics include:

* Building a toolbox of soloing ideas

* Techniques: legato, speed-picking

* Increasing speed through improved economy

* Diagnosing issues that may be holding you back 

* Modes and getting the most from them

* Note choice

* Album recording mentoring

* Instrumental songwriting

* Combining ideas (e.g arpeggios and scales)

* Outside / passing tone ideas

* Playing across key changes

* Building a productive practice routine

* Breaking the monotony of your current ideas

* and more

Many of these things have taken me years to assemble in my own playing, so I recommend a commitment to multiple sessions to gain the best results and make lasting change in your playing for the long haul.  Casual lessons are also available. 


Advanced Lesson Pricing:

Casual hour: $95  

Scheduled Regular Sessions: $340 for four x 1 hour (save $40)

How do I book?

Choose your spot from the live calendar below. This is constantly up to date. Then, email to book, supplying your name, postal address and mobile number for invoicing purposes.


Where are the lessons held?

I'm located in Sydney's outer west, not far from Blacktown & Quakers Hill. Many people travel from as far as Wollongong, the Blue Mountains and the Central Coast for my lessons, so I hope you can make the trip!


What do you need?

Bring your guitar, a tab book or tab paper, and a video camera as I may record some examples for you to save time on notation during the lesson.


Wait, so who are you?

I've been playing guitar since 1988, studied the playing styles of the great shredders like Yngwie Malmsteen, Vinnie Moore, Paul Gilbert, Joe Satriani and well as jazz and fusion legends like George Benson, Frank Gambale. I've studied with homegrown monsters like Dieter Kleemann, Ike Isaacs, Guy Le Claire, Carl Orr at the Australian Institute of Music. Since then I've recorded two well received instrumental albums, recorded with Brett Garsed, Rick Graham, LORD and members of Yngwie Malmsteen, Dio, Black Sabbath. I've now been teaching the guitar for over 20 years and have a number of instructional packages in development.


Why should I try your lessons?

* I care about your progress

* I deliver to you what's worked in my own playing, no secrets withheld

* Unlimited email support for ongoing students

* I teach subjects in the order I know works best. Too many teachers sit their student down and ask "So how do you wanna do this?". I take the lead and provide you with a logical progression of concepts

* I'm an honest guy. If I can't help you, I will say so.


Testimonials from recent students

"Chris Brooks was my guitar teacher for just a little over half a year and i can safely say that without a doubt my money was well spent. Within that short time frame Chris' superb knowledge of music theory and ability to cater to particular students capabilities enabled me to overcome various technical boundaries i faced in the past associated with techniques such as speed picking and legato as well as equipping me with a brand new arsenal of licks/chops to incorporate into and build up my improvisational skills. The greatest thing about the lessons however was that it didn't feel like a lesson, more so just two mates jamming and having fun on the guitar, which really made going to lessons something I looked forward to every single week. I commend Chris on his fantastic guitar lessons and thank him ever so much for not only making me a better musician, but for inspiring me to keep playing the guitar. I highly recommend Chris's guitar lessons to just about anybody aspiring to not only be a better guitarist, but also a better Musician." - Jake Mikosic

"I am a guitar teacher myself who has been playing for around 15 years. I have had many different teachers, and recently had 2 lessons with Chris to help out with my technique and knowledge of modes. Up until then, I felt like my head was cluttered with all these ideas and approaches to modal playing, but Chris was able to explain things in a way that now leaves me feeling organised and confident. If Chris can do that for me in 2 lessons, I can't wait to see what he will do for me in 2 years! Chris has a great knowledge base, and more importantly knows how and when to deliver the right information at the right time. He also has some fantastic technique building exercises. I would highly recommend him as a teacher for anyone of any skill level." - Michael.

LIVE SCHEDULE CALENDAR - These are the current available spots. 




Hear me about new stuff from time to time.

Advanced Arpeggio Soloing - OUT NOW!