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Legato Guitar Technique Mastery - Paperback, PDF, Kndle

Legato Guitar Technique Mastery

Paperback, PDF, Kndle

We've all heard those liquid-smooth, fast guitar lines. You know, the ones that roll by with streams of connected notes without any signs of a pick stroke?


That's Legato, and if you've ever wanted to harness the flowing soloing styles of SatrianiHoldsworthVai and Garsed, I've just released what I believe to be the ultimate guide to help you do it. After the success of my books on picking technique, I've set my sights on the fretting hand for the most complete legato method in print.


Legato Guitar Technique Mastery is a brand new method for the advancing guitarist. You’ll learn everything from the essential fretting mechanics and first legato phrases to pro-level liquid lines that combine all sorts of scale shapes, sequences, chromatic passing tones, arpeggio tricks and whammy bar implementation. There's also muted legato, odd tuplets and burst phrasing.


You won't just learn the fretboard - you'll connect it. With concepts to help you traverse the neck in a single bound, you won't get stuck in boxes or get bored playing the same patterns over and over. By the end of the book, your licks will be Not Of This Earth and Flying In a Blue Dream.


With 150 drills, sequences and monster licks, audio, backing tracks and four exclusive videos, I hope you'll agree that Legato Guitar Technique Mastery is easily the most bang-for-buck legato course around.


It's out now in Paperback PDF  and Kindle . Choose your format and let's get started!





The Minute Licks Archive - Video, PDF, Guitar Pro

The Minute Licks Archive

Video, PDF, Guitar Pro

Early in 2019, I made the decision to make short lesson videos available via subscription, based on licks I was sharing on Social Media. This eventually included mini-lesson courses like the Jared Dines Solo, The Aero-Top Jam and my recent "Neoclassical Gas" course (with $18.99 on its own).


I had to discontinue the subscription product, but I wanted to make all the material available because there is still a ton of valuable work here for the keen player. Some lick lessons last a minute while others form part of a 20-30 minute lesson.


Video content includes:


  • 9 x Sweep Picking licks
  • 14 x Picking Sequences
  • 6 x Creative Tapping Licks
  • 7 x Breakdown videos of my Jared Dines solo
  • 8 x Synchronisation lessons
  • 5 x Breakdown videos of my "AeroTop" solo jam
  • 11 x Breakdown videos of Neoclassical Gas


That's 60 videos! You also get all tabs in PDF and Guitar Pro as well as backing tracks where applicable.


Instant access via download or streaming.


Price: $35





Neoclassical Gas Shred Solo Lesson Pack - HD Video, PDF, Guitar Pro files

Neoclassical Gas Shred Solo Lesson Pack

HD Video, PDF, Guitar Pro files

Hi Guys,


In my recent guitar solo video dubbed Neoclassical Gas, I let rip with a series of alternate, sweep and compound picked runs and phrases that draw on the Phrygian Dominant mode and its partner in crime, the diminished 7th arpeggio.


Due to demand for a breakdown of this solo, I've created a half-hour video course using HD video, PDF, Guitar Pro and the backing track to retrace my steps, give you the thinking behind the licks, and suggest ways to approach the material.




The Tablature (PDF and Guitar Pro 7) includes every pick stroke so you'll be able to replicate my suggestions or deviate with your own. Using the included backing track, I encourage you to take on the song and do your own version. I'll even repost my favourites on social media.


Full contents:


  • Original playthrough video
  • 11 lesson videos (running time: 28 minutes)
  • Selected "Pick Cam" shots
  • Mixed Backing Track
  • PDF Tablature
  • Guitar Pro 7+ Tablature
  • Minute Licks one-month FREE access (save $5)


Happy Shredding!

Chris Brooks


Price: $18.99




Sweep Picking Speed Strategies for 7-string Guitar - Paperback, PDF, Kindle

Sweep Picking Speed Strategies for 7-string Guitar

Paperback, PDF, Kindle

I first played a 7-string guitar in 1992. It seemed like such a cutting edge advancement at the time but, like many people trying one for the first time, I just played a bunch of riffs in B instead of E! We always want to relate something new to something we already understand.


To help the contemporary players out there master what took me years to figure out, I've created a new book dedicated to you Seven-Stringers.


Arpeggios are such a crucial part of fretboard mapping and lick creation that I wanted to do a deep dive into the 7-string format of arpeggios in Sweep Picking Speed Strategies for 7-String Guitar. You won't just get one minor shape, one major shape etc. - you'll get an entire fretboard of every important arpeggio, formatted in a way that will help you apply picking templates to a bucket load of logical geometry that I've spent decades honing and tweaking.


Arpeggios alone won't get you far if you don't have the mechanical foundations for perfect sweep picking, so you get all of that too. You'll master concepts like rest strokes, upscaping and downscaping, ascending, descending and bi-directional sweep picking systems with drills that build your technique from 2 strings to 7.


As usual, audio and backing tracks are yours whether you buy the Paperback, PDF or Kindle editions. I'm convinced that this is a thorough textbook that will benefit the experienced, the inexperienced and the educators out there looking for a no holds barred approach to extended-range arpeggios. Check it out today at Amazon or Fundamental Changes!





Ultimate Shredder Bundle - Instant Download or Stream

Ultimate Shredder Bundle

Instant Download or Stream

The Ultimate Shredder Bundle just got better! Not only do you get my lesson courses...

• Picking Systems for the Pentatonic Scale

• Sweep Picking Systems

• The Yng Way - Speed Strategies and Studies

• E Minor Shred Solo pack - NEW ADDITION

• "The Master Plan" album (MP3)

• "The Axis of All Things" album (MP3)


... you can now get it all right now and pay for it over 4 months at $19.99 per month! Commit now. Get all the content NOW. Pay as you go! Your payment will automatically cease upon the fourth instalment, and you'll continue to have access to the content. It's the best offer I've ever made on these products!

That's a genuine retail value of $144, on sale for $79.20 (save 40%) or 4 payments of $19.99

VAT applied where legally required.


Buy it now for $79.20


Pay in 4 instalments of $19.99



E Minor Shred Guitar Solo Lesson Pack - HD Video, PDF, Guitar Pro

E Minor Shred Guitar Solo Lesson Pack

HD Video, PDF, Guitar Pro

Featured in Jared Dines new 15 Amazing Guitar Solos on YouTube, Chris Brooks breaks down his furious E Minor solo in this new bite-size lesson pack.


Dividing the solo up into five parts, each section is taught with a focus on how the ideas were played, and the details to keep an ear out for when you play them yourself. Every pick stroke is included to help you duplicate Chris' execution.


Pack includes: 7 videos (total 13 minutes), PDF Tablature, Guitar Pro GP and GPX files.

Download size: 1.2GB


Price: $6.99 USD

Buy and access now


Guitar Pro files: Advanced Arpeggio Soloing for Guitar - GP & GPX files, book not included

Guitar Pro files: Advanced Arpeggio Soloing for Guitar

GP & GPX files, book not included

The accompanying guitar pro files (Guitar Pro 6 and 7.5) for my book "Advanced Arpeggio Soloing Guitar".

Do not buy these files if you don't have the book. There is no educational component to this product whatsoever!

Price: $5

Advanced Arpeggio Soloing for Guitar - Paperback, Kindle, PDF

Advanced Arpeggio Soloing for Guitar

Paperback, Kindle, PDF

Buy at Amazon



Build powerful guitar solos with creative arpeggios

  • Do you struggle to get the most out of arpeggio soloing?
  • Do you feel limited in your arpeggio vocabulary?
  • Do you want to create sophisticated sounds with just a few simple elements?
  • Is it time to go beyond standard licks and drills to make real music?


Advanced Arpeggio Soloing for Guitar

  • Discover the ultimate creative resource for applying arpeggios in modern improvisation
  • Build a unique vocabulary of arpeggio concepts and phrasing tools
  • Create melodic phrases and high-speed lines applicable to many styles
  • Learn over 130 ready to use arpeggio licks and when to use them
  • Instantly sound like a seasoned pro from the very first example!

Chris Brooks’ tuition in Advanced Arpeggio Soloing for Guitar is the result of three decades’ work as a busy working guitarist and cutting edge educator. It is a complete bible of arpeggio approaches that builds into a cohesive strategy for any advanced rock guitarist.


Advanced Arpeggio Soloing for Guitar takes you to the next level of musical and professional-sounding arpeggio usage and draws inspiration from rock and fusion soloists alike. You’ll master advanced arpeggios and substitutions while learning the theory behind each exciting concept, so you can apply these skills in any musical situation.


Advanced Arpeggio Soloing for Guitar goes way beyond any other rock guitar arpeggio book by drawing inspiration from advanced jazz theory to teach you the sounds you won’t learn anywhere else. You’ll master advanced concepts like triad pairs, triad stacks, extended arpeggios, scale integrations and more…


Every concept is taught with creative licks and melodic ideas, so the theory becomes instantly musical.


Here’s what you get:

  • Deep insight into triad pairs & triad stacks
  • Multiple musical sequences & permutations
  • Arpeggio and scale integration exercises
  • Sweep picking, legato & tapping application
  • Over 130 cutting-edge licks
  • Professionally audio tracks to download for free
  • Clear diagrams, tab & notation


Bonus one: Modal backing tracks help you to practise each idea and get creative

Bonus two: Soloing summary tables provide a shortcut to the best sounds in any situation

Are you stuck in a musical rut and looking to get more creative with guitar arpeggios?


Shred guitar virtuoso Chris Brooks is here to show you how to take even the most humble triad and give it new purpose. He’ll teach you how combining arpeggios can evoke modal and exotic scale sounds to create a truly personal guitar solo. You’ll also learn how triad stacking can enhance basic harmony to make you sound hipper and ignite your audience.


There’s exclusive insight and cutting-edge material on dynamic control, upper extensions, directional sequencing, scale integrations and much more.


Hear it!


With over 130 licks and studies forming a comprehensive guitar method, Advanced Arpeggio Soloing for Guitar will expand your vocabulary, multiply your melody, accentuate your arpeggios and turn you into a creative, experienced improviser.


Take the next step in guitar education and buy


Buy at Amazon



Sweep Picking Speed Strategies for Guitar - Paperback, PDF or Kindle

Sweep Picking Speed Strategies for Guitar

Paperback, PDF or Kindle

Buy on Amazon $19.99

Buy PDF $18.99



A Complete System to Master Sweep-picking on Guitar


  • A comprehensive breakdown of everything you need to sweep pick like a pro
  • A systematic guide to mastering technique and dominating the fretboard
  • Discover and apply the 6 Essential Rudiments of Sweep Picking
  • Complete technical development through 100 drills and 17 Etudes
  • Extensive library of arpeggio shapes and over 100 neck diagrams


Sweep Picking Speed Strategies for Guitar is the follow-up to Chris Brooks’ wildly successful book Neoclassical Speed Strategies for Guitar. It takes a meticulous approach to breaking down the biomechanics of sweep picking and goes way beyond drills and guitar licks to get to the heart of great sweep picking technique.


You’ll master everything from pick grip and fundamental rudiments to the execution of perfect, large-scale arpeggio forms for every common chord type as you learn sweep picking on guitar.


You’ll become the sweep picking beast you never knew you could be!


Sweep Picking Speed Strategies for Guitar


  • Do you want to sweep pick the right way from go to pro?
  • Do you want to avoid common sweep picking errors?
  • Do you want to learn guitar arpeggio shapes formulated for speed and command of the fretboard?
  • Do you want strategies that apply to any musical situation?
  • Do you want to make your sweep picking arpeggios sound as good as your favourite players?


Here’s What You Get:


  • A complete sweep picking guitar course that starts from first principles of movement and builds solid foundations
  • A multi-faceted system that presents options and allows you to make your own choices
  • A logical process for tackling important shapes and sounds on a chord-by-chord basis
  • Concise, developmental picking drills and studies that form a clear, incremental path to mastery


Bonus One: Clear illustrations to help you better understand pick grip and orientation


Bonus Two: FREE audio downloads and backing tracks for every challenging etude


Many guitar players already understand the basic premise of sweep picking on guitar, yet never achieve the speed and fluidity they desire. Often it’s because they weren’t guided through the rudiments and strategies that would allow them to create a system personal to them.


Sweep Picking Speed Strategies for Guitar helps you master the myriad factors that affect your sweep picking technique and takes you from fundamental principles to devastating speed and extensive fretboard coverage. This isn’t just a lick book – it’s a complete sweep picking systemfor guitar. As well as a complete biomechanical approach to learning sweep picking, this method helps you systemise your strengths into a personalised, musical approach.


Hear It!


Sweep Picking Speed Strategies for Guitar includes 100 exciting examples (in tab and standard notation) with audio you can download for free from our dedicated website. There are alsobacking tracks for the 17 etudes contained in the book.


BuySweep Picking Speed Strategies for Guitar today.You won’t just learn to sweep pick, you’ll learn to strategize your entire approach to developing speed and fluency on guitar!


Buy on Amazon $19.99

Buy PDF $18.99

Guitar Pro files: Neoclassical Speed Strategies - GPX & GP5 files, book not included.

Guitar Pro files: Neoclassical Speed Strategies

GPX & GP5 files, book not included.

Got my first book but want additional help in the practice room? These are the guitar pro files from the examples in the book "Neoclassical Speed Strategies for Guitar" ( The book is not included, so this is not for anyone other than readers of my debut work for Fundamental Changes publishing.

Included: GPX and GP5 files. Minimum Guitar Pro Version 5 required.

Price: $5


Neoclassical Speed Strategies for Guitar - Paperback, Kindle, or PDF

Neoclassical Speed Strategies for Guitar

Paperback, Kindle, or PDF

Overcome the common hurdles of speed picking by analysing a true icon of shred guitar.

  • Master picking in the style of Yngwie Malmsteen to play any music… perfectly
  • Build incredible, efficient picking technique for insane speed and accuracy
  • Concise, effective picking drills form a direct path to speed-picking mastery



Master the Neo-Classical speed-picking system pioneered by guitar legend Yngwie Malmsteen

  • • A definitive study of speed techniques and biomechanics for shred guitar
  • • A systematic guide to fast picking and string-change strategies
  • • Master the 9 principles of speed-picking as they’re dissected, analysed and applied
  • • Complete technical development through over 90 real-life musical examples and “In the Style of” Licks
  • • 18 original Yngwie-inspired Neo-Classical studies to build guitar technique and consolidate every essential speed-picking principle


Neoclassical Speed Strategies for Guitar

  • • Do you struggle to overcome the issues affecting your true speed potential?
  • • Do you need an authentic method to emulate the picking style of Neo-Classical guitar masters like Yngwie Malmsteen?
  • • Do you want to build flawless picking technique on guitar?
  • • Do you want to master a system built on innovative solutions to common problems?
  • • Are you worried that you may not be reaching your true potential?


Neoclassical Speed Strategies for Guitar is the result of 27 years studying Yngwie Malmsteen, of one of the most influential pickers in guitar history. These principles will help you develop perfect guitar technique for any style.

You’ll master picking biomechanics, technique, theory and hundreds of licks to turn you into a shred guitar monster.


Here’s What You Get:

  • • A complete guitar picking course that starts from the first principles of movement and works around your own unique body mechanics, illustrated in detail.
  • • A multi-faceted system used by some of the best guitarists in the world to build incredible, efficient picking technique and devastating speed on guitar
  • • Inventive exercises that combine shifting scale lines, sequences, single-string phrases and string-changing mechanics.
  • • Concise, developmental picking drills and studies forming a clear, incremental path to speed-picking mastery


Bonus One: A definitive section dedicated to Neo-Classical scale choice, theory and application

Bonus Two: 18 musical studies to build speed, fluency and Neo-Classical vocabulary


Are you Hitting a Brick Wall in your Quest for Ultimate Speed Picking on Guitar?

Speed is not about natural ability. It’s not about mindless practice, and it’s certainly not about luck. Playing fast starts with a method that will unleash your true potential.

Neo-Classical Speed Strategies for Guitar is about breaking barriers, systemising strengths, and helping you overcome the common hurdles of speed picking by analysing a true icon of shred guitar.

By understanding motion and mechanics, picking orientation and pathways, and by implementing strategies conducive to economical and effortless speed, you’ll break free of the issues that have held you back in the past.

Part technical compendium and part Artist style-file, Neo-Classical Speed Strategies for Guitar brings together mechanical solutions and stylistic vocabulary, with 93 musical examples ranging from drills to etudes.

All examples are delivered authentically in downloadable audio.

You won’t just learn to play fast on guitar, you’ll learn to pick perfectly… The Yng Way!

This product is not associated with or endorsed by Yngwie Malmsteen.


The YNG-WAY, Speed Strategies and Studies - Instant Access

The YNG-WAY, Speed Strategies and Studies

Instant Access

We're proud to present the new lesson course from Chris Brooks. The Yng Way™: Speed Strategies and Studies is a system that will equip with you the tools and knowledge to create blazing guitar lines and sequences using the speed picking system pioneered by guitar legend Yngwie Malmsteen and several other notable neoclassical style players. Chris shares insights and revelations accumulated over decades of guitar playing and teaching, and it's all available for you to download right now.


After initially trying to play Yngwie Malmsteen licks with pure alternate picking in the 80s, it wasn't until the mid 90s that Chris Brooks realised something else was going on here. After completing 2 successful instrumental solo albums of his own, Chris began development on this project began in 2011 after some picking videos of Chris went viral on YouTube and caused a bit of a stir, and funny descriptions like "Sorcery" and "Black Magic" appeared in the comments. No, no magic. Just a system.


More than just pure alternate or pure economy picking, The Yng Way™ is a systematic hybrid of string changing strategies, scale layout, pick orientation and consistency in the way picking lines are executed: a true method to the madness.  "Speed Strategies and Studies" uses high quality video demonstrations and detailed transcriptions in both PDF and Guitar Pro to help you understand every facet of the system, beginning with a 20 minute video on the "Yng Way™" picking system and what it takes to emulate this iconic picking style, even down to details about pick grip and hand positioning. The guesswork has been completely removed!


At the heart of the practical material are 24 study lines that bring together shifting and positional scale lines, sequences, single string lines and string changing mechanics. And rather than stop there, the pack also includes a minor scale theory lesson, 6 guitar backing tracks, 13 development drills (video & TAB) for chop building, and a note-for-note transcription of the opening guitar solo. Total video running time is nearly 2 hours!


Getting your copy of Chris Brooks' new lesson course will put you on the fast track to understanding and mastering concepts that may take years to learn otherwise. It's your chance to study with a guitarist who has the playing experience and know-how to talk you through your system and demonstrate the results that are possible. This product is not associated with or endorsed by Yngwie Malmsteen.




Level: Advanced (or aspiring to be!)

Prerequisite: Best results will come to those who have some scale and picking experience.



Download: $44 HD (60 frames per second) or SD (30 frames per second)

Either product gives you streaming access if you choose not to download. You can stream via desktop, laptop, or mobile by downloading the Gumroad App.


ON SALE: $29

Buy now


Full contents:
Intro Solo + Suggested viewing order (Running time: 2mins)
The Yng Way Explained (Running time: 20mins)
13 Development Drills (Running time: 4 mins)
Study sequences: Descending (Running time: 48 mins)
Study sequences: Ascending (Running time: 32 mins)
Intro solo 1/3 speed (Running time: 6mins)
Supporting materials:
Development Drills: PDF + Guitar Pro (4 pages)
24 Study Lines: PDF + Guitar Pro (12 pages)
Intro Solo: PDF + Guitar Pro (4 pages)
Minor Theory Lesson: PDF (3 pages)
6 Minor / Harmonic Minor Backing Tracks (MP3)
Picture shown for illustration purposes only
If you're looking for the speedpicking secrets of Yngwie Malmsteen, look no further. Here, Yngwie Malmsteen's speed picking system and neoclassical scale chops go under the microscope in a system that will have you learning Yngwie's approach to speed, picking, pickslant, economy and alternate picking and more.
Sweep Picking Systems for Arpeggios (Download) - 2.6GB

Sweep Picking Systems for Arpeggios (Download)


Sweep Picking can be a powerful technique to execute rapid and smooth arpeggios in your solos. It's based on very simple and logical principles, but some of the key technical elements are often missed, overlooked, or even taught incorrectly, causing many players to abort, or persevere with less-than-awesome results.

You don't have to settle for ordinary any longer, as "Sweep Picking Systems for Arpeggios" will guide you through the 4 Technical Essentials of good sweeping, provide you with the methods to build 2-string triads into 6 strings and beyond, and equip you with the fretboard mapping to play arpeggios anywhere on the neck, with trouble shooting sections at the end of each main chapter.

Divided into systems, this course breaks the essential elements into Ascending, Descending, and Bi-Directional chapters, ensuring that you understand the key points applicable to each system before going into the next. There's also a Technical Essentials chapter, and the finale - a new Chris Brooks composition called "Conspectus" for you to apply almost every example taught throughout the video.

More details:

~ The four Technical Essentials of sweeping arpeggios
~ Pick grip and motion
~ Three picking systems explained
~ 38 picking drills for technique and arpeggio development
~ 11 etudes for applying the above
~ Chris’ personal preferences explained
~ 1 complete composition (Conspectus)
~ Full tablature and backing track for the above
~ 30 pages of PDF material
~ Video production script for “off computer” study
~ Filmed in 60 frames per second 720p
~ Multi-angle 
~ Slow and fast demonstrations

Best suited to:

~ Players who want the right foundations in their sweeping technique OR
~ Players who've already been sweeping but have issues getting to the level they desire


Price: $35

(2.6 BG, 60 frames per second video) 





90 Day Sweep Picking Practice Program - eBook

90 Day Sweep Picking Practice Program


This eBook is now included in the "Sweep Picking Systems for Arpeggios" lesson pack by Chris Brooks. There's no need to buy it as a stand-alone product any longer.


Designed to help you get the most out of your sweep picking practice, this guide takes you through a suggested 90-day program of 15-20 minutes of daily routines to master the techniques in a logical and achievable way.


Each part of the program tells you which exercises to use, how many repeats, suggested tempo and a clear picture of the progress you can expect.


The 13-page eBook does NOT contain the actual licks themselves, so please be advised to purchase the lesson pack "Sweep Picking Systems for Arpeggios" by Chris Brooks.



Picking Systems and Sequences (Penta Power) - video, tabs and backing tracks (HD 3.4GB / SD 1.8GB)

Picking Systems and Sequences (Penta Power)

video, tabs and backing tracks (HD 3.4GB / SD 1.8GB)

Picking Systems and Sequences (The Penta Power Series) takes you beyond Blues cliches (we need those too!) to introduce you to three different systems for creating fiery Pentatonic picking lines. Dubbing the three systems "Alteve", "Eco", and "Compound", Brooks demonstrates how picking approaches, fretboard "units" and strategised thinking can result in a whole new arsenal of lines for your rock, blues, metal and fusion pentatonic bag. There's also a picking primer to get you moving in a logical and thought out manner.


With clear explanations, close up shots and slow motion, Brooks' clean and logical approach to picking technique and musical application will be easy to understand, and then the work is up to you!


Package includes 68 minutes of video instruction, transcriptions in PDF and Guitar Pro, and five backing tracks used in the series. Available in versions optimised for varying levels of device performance from Tablet-friendly MP4 720p resolution to MP4 HD 1080p for faster machines and bigger monitors.


1080p HD for newer (dual core+) computers and larger display

720p SD for older machines or tablets


Price: $28 USD




The Axis of All Things album - CD or WAV / MP3

The Axis of All Things album

CD or WAV / MP3

THE AXIS OF ALL THINGS is the much-anticipated sophomore release by one of Australia's leading rock guitarists. Via the Funk/Fusion stylings "Transfiguration", the melodic shred of "The Axis of All Things" and "Feeding The Myth", the delicate acoustic of "Wisdom Rd", and soulful wailing of "Hammer's Heart", Brooks brings out his tastiest licks and his best songwriting, delivering a dynamic album that is rich in honesty, vibe, feel, and exhilaration! Enjoy in a darkened room, or blaring from your car on the open road. This album is an experience.


Features guest appearances by Brett Garsed (Farnham, Uncle Moe's, Nelson, Garsed/Helmerich), Rick Graham (UK's guitarist of 2011), Lord Tim (LORD, Dungeon), and Gordon Rytmeister (drummer for just about every important artist in Australia!).


Download includes lossless (WAV) and MP3 formats.

CD $12 + postage (calculated by region)

WAV / MP3 $10 - Instant Access


Stream all tracks:

The Master Plan album - CD or WAV /MP3 audio

The Master Plan album

CD or WAV /MP3 audio

"The Master Plan" is an amazing piece of work! Of course, the playing is world class which I didn't doubt for a second but the overall sound quality is really incredible"

- Brett Garsed


"... one of the strongest works I've heard in years!!!! The playing was really strong throughout. I love the tone, but the writing just blew my socks clean off!"

- Guitarist, Teacher and Mel Bay Publications Author Jon Finn 


"Brooks is the kind of guitar player who we should all strive to be like. He puts melody first and shred second. Chris never compromises the integrity of a song to show off how fast he can speed-pick or play arpeggios. His goal is to suck you and squeeze the juice right out of you."

- Nick Martinelli, The Shred Zone


My debut album is still something I'm proud of as a songwriter and performer. It brings together my favourite elements in music: creative structures, melodic themes, soaring solos and clever arrangements. It's truly a solo album as I performed and arranged everything. It was a great exploration in odd-time and progressive elements as well.


This release opened up a lot of doors and fans back in its day, so I hope you enjoy the beginning of my recorded journey.


CD $12+ postage (calculated on checkout)

LOSSLESS (WAV) + MP3 FILES $10, Instant Access





Advanced Arpeggio Soloing - OUT NOW!

Follow me for new releases